Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your questions with pleasure.

When I forget my vault password, do I recover my data?

The answer is No for other password manager services. But it is Yes for assigns a recovery password as 15 random words, easy to remember and in the language you prefer. The word group is called Mnemonic. This is a cryptographic industrial standard coming with Bitcoin BIP39. When you forget your vault password you can save your data using 15 word-mnemonic and Vault ID then create a new password.

What encryption algorithms do you use?

We protect your data with AES 256-bit known as the most powerful encryption algorithm and used commonly. We use PBKDF2(150,000 iterations for now) algorithm in order to generate a powerful and secure key from your vault password, known only by you.

Is the stored data in my vault seen by Erdfcv?

Definitely No. We never keep any unencrypted data on our servers. All encryption and decryption process of your vault happens on your browser/device level. Your encrypted data is sent to our servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS) via secure SSL connection and stored as encrypted.

What is the Browser Authorisation? fingerprints your browser for your access to the vault more secure way. If you want to access to your vault on a different browser, it sends an e-mail which says you should confirm the access and authorize the new browser. Even you don't use Two-Factor Authentication, Browser Authorization is a mandatory security standard.

Does my Vault support Two-Factor Authentication?

Yes. You can active Two-Factor Authentication and access more securely. We suggest you Authy and the similars. We will add Yubikey support soon.

What is EMAIL-PIN?

EMAIL-PIN is a 6 digit figure, generated uniquely for your vault. It is assigned When you register to and it is included in any email sent to you by It never changes and functions as an additional precaution for phishing. If an EMAIL-PIN in any e-mail sent by is different from previous ones, you can be confident that e-mail is not sent from, but sent from another source for fraud and phishing. EMAIL-PIN is not a password.

What can I save in my vault on

You can save the data such as Password, Username/Password, Credit/Debit Card, Note, and File Formats.

How many stored data can I have in my vault on

Your vault has 1MB storage at least and never limits the number of the records count. 1MB storage is enough to have tens of thousands of records for an individual user.

Is the storage inadequate for the data on file format?

The feature of file records is provided to store low size files such as key files and security certificates. You can use other services if you need encrypted storage for larger size files.

Do you have Vulnerability Reporting or Bug Bounty Program?

Yes. Please contact us via i[ @ ] if you detect any vulnerability or bug.

Did you forget your password and your data became unreachable?

Use, access all your passwords through your vault. When you forget your vault password, generate a new one with your Mnemonic words and recover all your data in seconds.