Secure, Simple and Recoverable Personal Vault is a secure, simple and recoverable personal vault for your passwords, notes, cards and files. Even when you forget your vault password!


Most secure cryptographic industrial standards

Secure Password Manager

Secure Algoritms

We secure your data with AES-256 bit encryption and PBKDF2. Erdfcv generates for you a unique encryption key and encrypts your data securely.

Client Side Encryption

Client Side Encryption

Your data is encrypted and decrypted at the browser/device level. It means only you can access your data, can see your records. 

Browser Authorisation

Browser Authorisation

When you want to login to your vault, Erdfcv fingerprints your browser and sends an email which says you should authorize login attempt.

Two Factor (2FA) Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

For advanced security, Two-Factor Authentication (also known as 2FA, Multifactor or TOTP) supported as default by

Easy to use

Your Erdfcv vault is simply designed for your individual use

Access Passwords From Everywhere

No Need Setup Any App

Completely browser-based service. No need setup any app. Mobile or desktop, just type to address bar and use service from any browser.

Multi Type Records

Multi-type Records

You can store your passwords, usernames, card informations, notes and files in your vault.

Recoverable Personal Vault

Recover Your Data

Did you forget your vault password? Don't worry, you can recover your data in seconds with your Mnemonic words.

Password Sharing

Record Sharing

If you want to share a record, you can share it by creating a one-time password and link.

Password Generator

Password Generator has a built-in password generator for create unique and strong passwords just one click.

Are you having problems with forgetting passwords?

You remember just one password, Erdfcv remember all other passwords for you.

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